I have been dreaming of far off places*.
Of stepping out my front door, onto a plane, and opening my eyes in a foreign land (… New York  City would work, it is every country in under 34 miles).

I find myself on kayak.com, realizing thirty minute later what I am doing.

I research hostels.

Consider learning a foreign language (my grandmother would tell me I should master the art of the English language before I can properly learn another… my use of curse words alone would abhor her).

The sights, smells, sounds… intoxicating.


If I close my eyes, quiet my mind, I am there; standing on a street corner, dressed in black, as the grey skies of Amsterdam stretch out before me.

I open my eyes to find my bedroom. I close them tightly to run the streets of Paris.

It goes on and on you see and there will be no stopping it until I find myself with a dog eared passport (no matter how long that may take).

What do you see when you close your eyes? Where does your heart take you? Perhaps, one day, we will find each other, sitting at a cafe in Italy, at a pub in London or sitting on the sun soaked coast of Spain. Until then my friend, I will see you here.


*These photos are from a trip a took to London many moons ago…my heart aches with longing to go back.

AuthorKelsey Melton