(rockin ery where, rockin er where!!!!)

Does that joke work? At all? No?... it's like the start of Miss New Booty by Bubba Sparxxx... still no? Cool. 


I was just in Thailand (Bangkok to be more specific) and you guys, it is  so beautiful there (hot as balls in Hades but beautiful none the less). 

Of course I did loads of touristy things- such as (but not limited to) tuk tuk everywhere, ate suspicious looking but absolutely delicious street food, asked every taxi driver to put it on 'meter', got a thai massage (my life will never be the same) and got lost in all the ally ways of the flower and food markets. It was magical (and so overwhelming). 

My favorite moments were mostly by my self, exploring a completely foreign world... ALSO the first night I was there when I went in a tuk tuk for the first time to Kahl San Road with some friends! It was brilliant and magical; flying through the humid night air at break neck speeds, the smell of street food and the pungent tang of the river sticking to the walls of your nose. I highly recommend it. 


Perhaps Bangkok was so lovely because we had a proper day off there and boy did I milk that day for all it was worth! I went to Wat Pho and looked at hundreds of Buddahs... maybe I cried at one or two of them. It was a magical place (and not very tourist filled). It is said to be the birth place of Thai Massage and houses the largest collection of Buddahs in Thailand and for 100 b. it is well worth the visit! 

I rode in a tuk tuk form buddah to buddah, market to market, for hours on end. When I was completely overwhelmed by heat and hunger I hopped in a Taxi(meter) and headed for a coffee shop. Luka was a little beacon of crisp (clean) cold air, hot coffee and a divine fresh lunch. I sat and sipped and noshed in the A.C. while I read Yes,Chef by Marcus Samuelson, it was the perfect little bit of relief from the rush of the day. 

I got a (non fancy) thai massage. She beat me up and stretched me out and it was magical. That night I hopped in a tuk tuk and ate my dinner at the night market in Pat Pong (yes, that is exactly the place you think it is, but it was close to my hotel and I knew there would be street food there, don't judge) next to a sweet Thai woman who laughed as I removed the skin form my chicken and devoured the whole plate of chicken in rice (with hot chilies and ginger sauce) just as quickly as it was sat in front of me. 

The next morning I got up early, walked to a little coffee shop called Size S ordered an Americano and then hopped in a taxi to go to the Grand Palace. It was sweltering hot by 9:30 am and the amount of tourists that were already at the palace was a bit overwhelming. I had to rent a 'modesty skirt' because I was in shorts (oops) before I was herded into the palace grounds, like cattle headed to slaughter. Though it was a bit more expensive (500b) it was well worth it to see the amazing architecture and beautiful buddahs (though you are not allowed to take photos of them). 

I am sure I did more, maybe I didn't... the time blurred together rather quickly. 

It's hard to believe this journey is nearly over. It has been the shortest, longest month of my life. I am so grateful for the experience and so humbled by all it has taught me... I am also really excited to go home (to see the people I love and to eat ALL the guacamole). 

How are you all? Where is life taking you? Perhaps this is a season of staying put and finding your roots, perhaps you are in a time of stillness, a time of movement, a time of joy or heartache. Where ever you are I hope you find yourself fully there (a thing that is easier said then done always). 



AuthorKelsey Melton