Do you know what term makes me giggle every time, without fail? VEGAN LEATHER! 

YOU GUYS, it is just pleather playing dress up. I get it, 'vegan leather' is (supposedly) higher quality than it's lesser cousin pleather, but at it's heart it is still a fraud, a wolf in sheeps clothing! Actually it is a synthetic in cows clothing if we want to get all literal about if.

I am convinced savvy fashion brands have simply hopped onto the trendy vegan movement and are taking advantage of our hippie friends by selling them items made from a mystery compound. Is 'vegan leather' really and truly a better option? I mean... I probably can't speak fully to the subject as a meat eater and leather wearer BUT, what I can say, is that I don't understand how one can pay several hundred dollars for a vegan leather jacket that is essentially made from plastic; it simply doesn't make sense to me. 

On that note, can we please talk about all of the Vegas who tear you a new one for eating a piece of organic (free range, local, lived a full/happy life) chicken and then go and get in their Mercedes with its ALL LEATHER INTERIOR!? How does that one work out? Genuinely, I'm just asking... no judgement if you are this way, do your thing, live your conflicting life (and feel free to call me when you have an identity crisis in the Nordstrom shoe department). 

Vegan leather is (usually) made from PVC, vinyl, or poly-suede and is 100% synthetic, which isn't necessarily the best for the environment. Some is made from recycled rubber (usually tires), which is awesome, but it is a very small percentage. 

This is not to say all leather is superior (ok but really, in my mind it is... just a little) I have had a pleather jacket for 5 years from TARGET and it is my most complimented piece of apparel... seriously, so maybe I can't hate on the 'vegan leather' movement. I suppose, at the end of the day it comes down to personal preference, look, and feel, because if it looks real, feels real, and isn't that is pretty damn impressive. You do you, vegan leather and all, just so long as it makes you happy. 


AuthorKelsey Melton