Last week Drew and I had the honor of hosting a rather special guest in our home. He is quite distinguished, with maners to die for, a charming personality, and a mind of his own… oh and did I mention he is a snuggler? Seymour VonWells is a handsome devil who can make even the grumpiest of souls crack a smile, and how could he not? He is simply the sweetest pup in all of LA.


A couple of friends recently adopted Seymour, giving him a good home and lots of love. He is a terriers terrier, that is to say, he will love you forever but disregard you when he needs his space, so don’t you bother him during his alone time.

It was great having a pup around the house for a couple of days. He would sleep at our feet while we were working, snuggle on our laps while reading… he even perched his paws on my knees while I was holding chair pose during yoga. He made us laugh, scampering across the room to catch a fly and kept the energy in our apartment peaceful. We took him for a walk and he behaved like a dream, skipping (literally! It is the cutest thing you ever did see) as he went sniffing along.

Confession-this may or may not have made my puppy fever exponentially worse.

As I write this I can’t help but wish he were still here, his little paw resting on my leg, his  big brown eyes gazing up at the computer screen in anticipation and amusement.


When we gave him back to his parents Drew and I were sad to see him go. After all, who is going to peek his little head around the corner to see if we are awake in the morning and then leap into bed to paw us awake? Who is going to scamper along side us as we take our walks? Who will sleep on my stomach as I read and nuzzle my hand until I scratch his head? (ok, Drew does that last one from time to time.)

The real tragedy is that Seymour has a sister who needs to be adopted… but as much as I would like to pretend our excuses for not owning a dog are made up, they are rock solid and valid. For now I suppose we will have to settle for visits with good little pups like Seymour and dream of the day we can adopt our own four legged friend.



AuthorKelsey Melton