By a show of hands who has been to Europe!? 

I mean... ok... I knew it was going to be awesome, but holy shit! I think I am in love. Madrid and Milan, Montpillier, Copenhagen and Berlin! Just... damn. 

Madrid was insanely beautiful. It was warm and sunny, perfect in other words. I walked so many miles and saw so many things. I went to a park (the size of a small city) which held a mini lake in the center where people were boating and sitting around reading in the midday sun. I did yoga on my balcony, drank coffee at a proper italian cafe/bar and sat on my balcony some more. It was a dream I am fairly certain. 

Milan stole my heart next. The architecture there took my breath away. Some art thing was happening and a very strange man from Africa tied a commemorative bit of string around my wrist while trying to flirt a ‘donation’ out of me... it didn’t work. I drank espresso and walked down beautiful alleys as birds sang over head. It ended before it began but it was still absolutely divine. 

I had an afternoon in Montpillier in the South of France which was absolutely lovely. I had lunch by the park, salad and frites, wandered through alleys, stopped into cute shops and had the most divine cup of coffee at a little hole in the wall on my walk back to the hotel. We had dinner on the coast at a hilarious beach club/restaurant, the food was good but the vibes were out of control, had we stayed for long after dinner I would have absolutely danced my face into the ground... but alas we had to get a move on. 

Copenhagen was cold. Flat out freezing. BUT that didn’t stop my meandering. I decided before this trip that I would try and find good coffee in each city that we visit and so far I have been fairly successful. I found a beautiful spot called Atelier September and sat in the window as I sipped my americano right before they closed down. I went to dinner with friends by the river. We sat under blankets, ate beautiful cuts of fish, and drink good wine. The next morning I walked for ages, had a dreamy cup of coffee from Copenhagen Coffee Club and sat by the market for a nice long chat before walking back to the hotel (I may or may not have shopped as I walked AND got another cup of coffee on the way back...). 


Berlin was an adventure. The history of Germany is so dark and (fairly) recent, however, I absolutely love how the art scene has claimed the city. Great restaurants, coffee shops, beer gardens, and stores are popping up everywhere! It is incredible. I walked along the river, down through the ‘artsy’ part of town and sat for a coffee at The Barn before having a drink (or two) at the cutest out door cafe (I learned that German Riesling is ridiculously good!). I held a piece of the Berlin wall and thought about where I come from (my family is VERY German). I stood at memorials, drank more coffee, and breathed in a strange sense of ‘home’. 

Days have passed since, days go quickly on the road... 

I just arrived in Amsterdam and I (quite literally) can not wait to go have a look around (in fact, I pre-wrote this, so I am probably exploring RIGHT NOW!). The history, the architecture, the art, the energy, THE COFFEE! I am in love and I don’t care who knows it. 

Where should I go? What should I see? I am headed to London soon and the UK and would love recommendations if you have them! Give me a shout in the comments below. 


AuthorKelsey Melton