Last night was the final phase in the the Full Moon cycle. It was not only a Harvest Moon but the third and final, 'supermoon'. 

There have been debates for centuries over the power of the Full Moon and how it affects our... juju... shall we say. I have a few thoughts on this subject. 

My first instinct is in the voice of my father, saying that all of the people who believe in the moon affecting them are full of shit (ok... he would be a bit more pc about it but that is beside the point). My second instinct however, is the side of me that believes in horoscopes and personality testing, the side which can't help but think that the energy of the universe does in fact effect us. AND HOW COULD IT NOT!? The gravitational pull of the sun and moon determine the tides. The human body is, roughly, 60 percent water, so it is only natural that the forces within the cosmos would have an effect on us. It is no coincidence then, that brake ups, life changes, good and bad events, center around these times. We are aware of the energy in the air, the pull on our spirits to tune in and pay attention. 

Personally, I have felt a pull to find my proverbial tide pool and dive into its depths; longing to discover what the next chapter, the next (moon) phase, will hold. I can't shake the feeling that change is coming... I guess I will just have to be patient and wait to see what lies ahead (and if the heavens feel so inclined to intervene so be it). 


AuthorKelsey Melton