In the times of chaos we often get sucked in, seeing nothing outside of the blinders of work, living with the unfaltering mindset of keeping our nose to the grindstone (I have always wondered why that analogy is a ‘thing’, if you know please do inform me). When this happens, days blur together, everything melting into a world of coffee and computers, and keyboards and brainstorm sessions… ok well, at least for me, your blur may look different, but you sure as shit have one. We make excuses and call this muddled mindset “getting into our rhythm  or “finding our flow”, but over time we just end up drowning ourselves in documents.

Anyways, every now and again a friend sends you life line (you know, like in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire) in the form of a youtube videocat-gram, or another form of visual stimulus. These links will be pushed aside at first=nose to grindstone. But then, when you finally come up for air (usually in the form of accidentally clicking on the link while trying to copy and paste something out of your inbox) you will find the most magnificent of videos ever made! (or some other form of magic that exists on the internet if you are lucky. That being said, some friends are stupid and send stupid links… this usually means you just need to get new friends).

It just so happens one of these little miracles pulled me from my computer induced comatose the other afternoon (ok… to be fair, it was many afternoons ago, but I am just getting around to posting this.. terribly sorry for keeping its magic from you for so long). My friend Megan sent me this link… and I was like “ok, I will get to it when I get to it.” and then… the fates turned in my favor, I accidentally clicked, and found myself cracking up at the best tampon commercial, possibly ever!(sorry dudes, I know you hate period speak, but deal with it, this video is worth it I promise).

It made me want to have a kid so I could sender her off to camp to become the ‘camp gyno’. Seriously! Red badge of courage!? I mean, come on! And Joan of Arc!? Too good. (obviously, these are references to the video…. now that your curiosity is peaked go watch it, click the link… do it)

So remember, when you get trapped in the rabbit hole or get buried beneath to-do lists, click the link, laugh ridiculously to yourself, and then get back to work.


AuthorKelsey Melton