It happened... it finally happened... I am now one of those people. I couldn't help myself, they wore me down you guys... I'M WEAK OKAY!? Don't judge me, I am judging myself enough for the both of us... but also, secretly, I am like a kid in a freaking candy store on the inside; completely over joyed. 

I am now the proud owner of these magnificent creatures:

RIGHT!? I KNOW... they are so ugly they are cute... kind of like a Maltese, but for your feet. I call them 'twerkinstocks'. Grotesque aren't they? I love it!  

I feel like comfort shoe mega-brands (i.e. Birkenstock) and the blogerati of the world are staging a coup d'état on fashion as we know it. To be honest, they have been at it for sometime now and all of their subliminal messaging finally got to me. So you understand why I had to have them right? I mean, when I saw them so awkwardly perched on the shelf at Nordstrom I simply had to take them home with me... it is like the ugly puppy at the pound; I was obligated to save them. 

Also, they are so much more than sandals you guys, they are barometers of friendship; the fact that Drew still loves me, even when they are on my feet says a lot.Think what you like, say what you may, they are cute as hell and I will wear them with pride (until next season when I hide them shamefully in the back of my closet).


AuthorKelsey Melton