Ok... this post has nothing to do with the infamous serial killer... however, I thought it a witty title so you all are stuck with it! ON TO MY POINT. 

Can we please have a moment of silence for ripped jeans!?! I mean dear lord, who wears WHOLE pants these days!? Make them HOLEY if you know what I'm saying. 

Every time I put on a pair of full coverage denim I feel like my legs are suffocating, they need air, they need to breath! I never thought I was a 'holey jeans' kind of girl, but, as it turns out, I most definitely AM. 

I recently found myself traveling for work, being that it was a short trip I packed one pair of trousers (lest we offend the brits and aussies by saying 'pants') and thought I would be fine. My-oh-my how wrong I was! You see, the pair I just so happened to tenderly tuck into my (overly stuffed) suitcase were in fact hole free... more professional I thought... but upon landing in Los Vegas I realized no one gives a rats-ass* and I should have brought leg attire with proper ventilation!  Le Sigh. 

Every day I fight the urge to tear apart every single pair of jeans I own. I gaze at them with scissors, sandpaper, and heavy duty foot files in hand (my 'distressing' tools of choice) ready to put perfectly placed holes ALL OVER THEM (maybe the title does fit... maybe I am 'Jack the Ripper' of  the denim world, dun dun DUNNNNN). I suppose I should (probably) leave them the way they are... for now... I make no promises for what tomorrow may have in store for their presently pristine legs. 


*Can we just talk about how amazing that phrase is? 'rats-ass', gets me every time! Do we not give any because their asses are so small? Or could it be that an old man once exclaim "Martha I don't give a rats-ass about needle point!", thus a catchphrase was born. 

AuthorKelsey Melton