One of my greatest loves, aside from Drew and coffee, is peanut butter! I am pretty sure I would be dead long ago if that creamy, dreamy, substance wasn’t a part of my life.

I prefer the all natural, no nonsense version, I like my nut butter untainted (yes that phrasing was intentional), however, I won’t lie, I will eat almost any kind as long as I can lick it off a spoon. Jiff (creamy) was my childhood favorite, Smuckers Natural is pretty fantastic, current favorite is the organic creamy from Trader Joe’s, but Peter Pan is where I draw the line, that crap can gtfo!

I grew up on PB&J, Peanut butter on toast, peanut butter on waffles, peanut butter on pop tarts, peanut butter on ice cream, peanut butter on… OK I have a problem, I get it. But you guys, there are worse addictions such as, but not limited to, cocaine, meth, or copious amounts of junk food, I’m pretty sure my love of ground peanuts is pretty okay.

Now, if you are having a bad day and you are a lover of peanut butter, do yourself a favor- melt some peanut butter in a pan with a tiny pat of butter and sprinkle in some powdered sugar until it reaches a nice thick consistency (taste to make sure it is salty and sweet!)… if you are feeling twirly top with chocolate chips, if you are feeling extra twirly, pour over ice cream and die a happy happy person.



AuthorKelsey Melton