Dear People of the Internet,

I have a question for you. How do people keep their sneakers white? Seriously, I need to know.


I won’t lie to you, I am coveting some all white Converse or perhaps Nike Air Force Ones, maybe even the white leather Vans? I realize with leather there is white shoe polish and all that jazz, but isn’t that how people “cleaned” their shoes circa 1992? It is most certainly how my mom touched up her nursing shoes (please note my mom was an on-call x-ray tech, not that this is a bad thing, it is actually super admirable, my mom is the coolest… however, her aptitude for rocking the nurse shoes out and about on a regular basis was a little much).

I am more so asking about the canvas versions. I.E. like the pair this gentleman at the coffee shop is wearing, they are CRISP, fresh out the box WHITE! They are so fresh I can hardly stand it, I nearly attacked him and tried to A)find out his secrets and B)pull the shoes right off his feet.

So what is the key factor here? Am I just missing a very obvious piece to the white shoe puzzle? Oxy-clean? Bleach? Only wearing them in super safe situations? Treating them like a small child and codling the shit out of them?

Please do share your secrets, my buyers remorse thanks you in advance.



AuthorKelsey Melton