There is something about a bubbly glass of mineral water that transcends refreshment. It is crisp, having just enough edge to give the water a unique flavor without being too much. I have a weakness for it, if I’m in line at a coffee shop and they have Perrier or Pellegrino by the register I immediately justify buying a bottle because all of the minerals are “good for me”… which isn’t totally a lie, but its also not entirely true.

The moral of this story is that I have found the perfect (and affordable) solution to this problem.SodaStream partnered with designer Yves Behar to create Source  a carbonation dispenser that will create sparkling water or soda at home. Behar wanted Source to be a beautiful and sleek design, based on the “Reduce, Refine” mind set, and thats exactly what he created.


Yves Behars sleek and modern design is set to ship late this year.

This little gem ranges from $129.95- 149.95 and will keep you refreshed with out adding to a landfill.


AuthorKelsey Melton