-Peter Drunklage

Ok, as much as I want to hate tumblr for sucking up so much of my time I simply cant! I love it, I am inspired by it, I get joy from it... ok not always... but you guys, tumblr is this wonderful place where images float past your retinas, a cacophony of color and texture (really I just wanted to use the word 'cacophony').   

I have had a tumblr for three years (give or take) and I truly enjoy finding material to post. When I started it as a "hair blog" I tried to generate content of my own, not unlike this fine gem of a site you are on now, but tumblr doesn't really work as a medium for written content. Sure, I got a decent following and a good amount of feed back, but nothing really stuck. Until. One day I didn't have enough time to create a post. I found, instead, an amazing image of hair in black and white, posted it, and the new Tussled was born.  

This really isn't about me though, this is about the great big thriving world of Tumblr and how it can be used to your benefit. Search it! Does anyone ever leave their own home feed?! If not you SHOULD! Tumblr, after all, has become the predecessor to Pinterest. You scroll through Tumblr to find unique content and inspiration, which you then relocate to your pinterest, where you will forget about it until one fated day when you really need motivation and there it will sit, ready and waiting.  

Sure, the internet is a giant time suck. Yes, there are more productive things you need to do with your life. But also, sometimes, we just need a little *scrolling* to get us through. 

What will you tumble?



AuthorKelsey Melton